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Business Roundtable Discussion Series

Each month a group of chamber professionals will gather to discuss a specific business topic. The goal of this series is to faciliate discussion and collaboration, share ideas and best practices and generate new ideas and solutions amongst chamber members.

Roundtable discussions can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes and professionals in all stages of their careers.

Coffee and pastries will be provded

2024 Meeting Dates and Topics

February 7th
Community Involvement –How does involving yourself and your business in the community help your business? What are the best ways to get involved? Are you missing out on opportunities for involvement?

March 6th
Staffing / Recruitment / Retainment - What are some examples of a tool that has helped save you time and effort in regard to recruitment, onboarding, and/or employee evaluations? How does your shop onboard new hires? What works? What doesn’t? What practices do you and your team consistently undergo to exercise creativity, generate ideas, solve problems and ever importantly, recharge? Let’s discuss fun ideas about how to mix up the daily meeting schedule or agenda with critical creative exercises. How does your team connect together outside the work at hand? Do you have a softball team or 10-day silent meditation retreat? Where are your leaders in the spectrum of …Do you cheer-lead from the rear or is it a Dictatorship? How do you foster young talent growth, how do you challenge and reward them and when to you lean-in to catch a mistake?

April 3rd
Social Media - In today’s era, consumers expect many touch points – and often. There is one school of belief that maintaining constant connections with the most avid fans is crucial for success and a must-have for pre-launch, launch and beyond. Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and more all help you connect with customers. How do you establish your company’s ‘voice’ and personality.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sponsored by Janelle Burnheimer, The Alternative Board Summit

May 1st
Current issues – What are your current struggles? Use this roundtable discussion for ideas from those who may have faced similar challenges and overcame them.                                                                                                                                                                                    Sponsored by Janelle Burnheimer, The Alternative Board Summit

June 5th
Customer Retention - Customer satisfaction and retention represent constant challenges, especially for businesses with multiple competitors. Each roundtable member will share successful strategies for connecting with customers. Strategies could include regular customer appreciation events, a customer advisory board with rotating membership and generous customer referral incentives. print or email newsletters to their customers or host at the shop interactive customer seminars.

August 7th
Entering New Markets - Reaching new markets often means marketing existing products or services to new market segments. For example, a shop can target the clients whose vehicles need to have their headlights polished, or begin selling a new product, such as tires. Ask each roundtable member to share a market expansion success, as well as a challenge or temporary setback.

September 4th
Your Website - Websites and online business networks often help a business expand. For example, a body shop could post “before and after” customer photos on its home page to draw in new customers, and any shop can share testimonials from their happy customers. Website-savvy attendees are also encouraged to help hesitant business owners understand online media components and benefits.

October 7th
Local Collaboration – how can our local businesses collaborate to help elevate all.                                                                                          Sponsored by Janelle Burnheimer, The Alternative Board Summit

November 6th
Community Events – What hurts and what helps? What could be better?

December 4th
Business Roundtable Roundup – Topics for 2025, what worked well, what we would change.                                                                           Sponsored by Janelle Burnheimer, The Alternative Board Summit

The Business Roundtable Discussion Series is  sponsored by Springwood